Thank you for your interest in supporting the very large Christian community of Orange County.
We are printing Christian business referral directories which will be distributed by approximately 100 Christian Churches to their members around August 15th, 2018. Our book will also have an online version with links to each advertiser's website.

We have created a short video that shows who we are and what we do.
It explains how the Christian Community can help your business grow. PLEASE CLICK VIDEO BELOW.


The index for all display ads is on page 2. If your business category is not there we will create a category for your specific business. The display advertisements start on page 6.
On pages 6 and 7 we have inserted above the ads the prices for the following:
Business Card - 1/4 page - 1/2 page - Full Page

Advertisers who wish to make a ONE TIME PAYMENT receive a 20% DISCOUNT.

*We have additional sizes and PREMIUM COVERS that are also available on request.